Why do you have problems with potency?

Every man sooner or later has a problem when his friend does not want to get up in the combat rack to start sexual intercourse. The cause of this pathological condition is many, both physical type and mental. Let’s take a look at each in detail, give some advice and tell you who to contact.

Causes of erection problems

Penile sluggishness can be both physical and mental. Mental traits should include self-doubt or self-doubt as a man. This problem is most often faced by virgins, men who are not sure of their abilities or those who are ashamed to show « in public » their sexual organ. In this case, do not worry, because the problem lies solely in the head, not in the body.

In order to normalize their erection, experts recommend to have a permanent sexual partner (boyfriend, girl, it does not matter). But someone with whom you will not be afraid to appear naked. Another way to overcome the mental barrier will help the use of viagra . However, it should be noted that without any exciting factor, these pills will not work. In addition, they have many side symptoms. Use viagra only in extreme cases.

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As for physical problems, they can develop on the senile background, when the man’s body becomes less active. In this case, do not get upset and give up, because such problems overtake sooner or later any man. We advise you not to walk and swallow viagra every day, but to make an appointment with specialists for a quick and effective solution to your problem

Where is the best place to ask for help in my case?

Of course, it is best to ask for help in a paid clinic. Her difference from a conventional hospital is that:

  • Here are professionals on the head above.
  • There are modern equipment.
  • The number of methods for the treatment of pathological conditions is much greater.
  • In paid clinics there is modern medical equipment.
  • There are no queues.
  • Diagnosis of diseases is faster and better.